Terminology Tuesdays! Rond de Jambe

Today's terminology is

💃 "Rond de Jambe"

💃Pronounce: rawn duh zhahnb

💃Translation: circular movements of the leg

There are many different types of rond de jambe’s but the one we start with in our beginner ballet classes is the Rond de jambe à terre (on the ground). Extended the working leg and foot to a pointed position and as you keep the toes in contact with the ground, sweep your leg around in a semi-circle. Try to aim to maintain a turned out position of the leg as it continues to sweep around from front, side to back.

A rond de jambe is performed either with the foot on the ground (à terre) or with the leg and foot in the air (en l’air). It is performed at the barre and in the centre. The circular motion can be set as either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

💃Important to note: Ensure you stay well lifted on your supporting leg. We want to make sure we don’t bear too much weight down on one hip which – if we do, this can tend to cause pain, imbalance and possible injury. Ballet exercises using rond de jambe’s can tend to be either quite slow or lengthy with little opportunity to transfer the weight off that supporting leg. So hold that supporting leg well, keep rotating from the hip, engage your core and imagine you are lifting up and out of your pelvis and therefore creating space between you hip ball and socket.