Welcome to Adult Ballet Studio Geelong, we can’t wait to meet you and hope you enjoy your trial class. Before you attend, please fill in our enrolment form to let us know a little more about yourself & to register for your class. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0428 884 406 or email

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Do you have any injuries, medical conditions, disabilities or other restrictive considerations you would like us to be aware of?
With this information available to our teachers, we can adjust our class material to accomodate and to be mindful of any restrictions or concerns you may have. All information shared is strictly confidential between you, our teachers and administrative staff.
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- We strongly value an individuals right for ownership, autonomy and authority over your own body. Our instructions are only ever offered as an invitation and you are always welcome to participate at your own pace and to adjust the complexity of choreographic material to suit your own personal requirements. - You are welcome to a full refund after your first class if you feel this class does not suit you. - Refunds will not be offered after this initial class however you are welcome to transfer to another class at any point in that same term (subject to availability) - If you need to miss a class you are welcome to participate in any other class to make up for your missed class within that same term (subject to availability)
Dance of all types can involve risk of personal injury. Adult Ballet Studio Geelong takes all reasonable care in the conduct of classes and will accept no responsibility for injury or loss caused during any class at our studio. All participants are responsible for ensuring that they are either physically and mentally fit for class participation or have sort professional medial advice that dance as an activity is suitable for their condition. All participants must at all times take care of their own personal safety. By enrolling & participating in our classes you warrant and certifies that: 1. you are fully responsible for the safety, management and care of your body during classes. 2. you will immediately fully inform each teacher of your class of any physical difficulties or injuries that occur during the class.
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