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Family Friendly Dance Classes


Thank you for your interest in Adult Ballet Studio Geelong. We are delighted to let you know a little more about our Family Friendly Dance Classes and to recommend a couple of classes to you as mummy / daddy dancers! When taught well, as we do at Adult Ballet Studio Geelong, dance can be perfect for EVERY body. As a core value of our studio, we aim to create welcoming, safe and accessible dance classes for all. We provide qualified, knowledgable and experienced teachers who offer fun and engaging classes.

We have curated a range of family friendly dance classes that we think might be of interest to you.


As mums ourselves we are very aware how hard it can be for mums with new bubs to find the space, energy & time to do self focused activities. We offer you this class and invite you to bring your baby along. Babies can be worn through the class, kept close on a rug near by or in their pram. This class offers gentle, nurturing exercises & stretching. You don’t need any experience in ballet at all, it’s a really gentle class that tailored to work at your pace. The same goes for our experienced mum-ballerina’s! The class can be tailored to suit your advanced skills while still honouring that your may like to take things gently, as you ease back into life and exercise with your new baby bod.

Helen is a welcoming and encouraging teacher who has been terrific at tailoring each class to suit the experience and confidence of the people attending. Highly recommend!
— Adult Contemporary Dance Participant 2017




This is not your average toddler time dance class. This class is specifically run for mum, dad, grandparent or full-time carer to get a good dance workout. Your children are welcome to join in the fun or play in our children’s area. If your struggling to find time & space for fun and exercise, bring your brood, come hang out with us & get your groove on.

The class is designed to be really flexible and acknowledge what ever state you and your child arrive on the day! Some days we will pound the floor with energy and dynamism and other days you and your child may suit a bit more of a slower, gentle, meditative quality to the class. We sample many different styles through out the class - Ballet, Broadway, Contemporary, Jazz. We like to keep things interesting and engaging.

There is no need to worry about your child’s focus - this class is for you. Your child can share in the joy of what we are doing but it’s also very ok for them to hang out in our children’s corner or wonder around the room as they wish! We ask for everyone’s behaviour to be safe and respectful, but outside of that criteria, your little rug rat is free and you don’t need to feel like you have to keep on top of their participation and focus - it’s mummy’s / daddy’s time now!

Why Dance?

Dance is a unique, special and fun way to keep fit, tone up and improve your overall sense of well being. It is an activity that is so easy to fall in love with. Exercises are designed to assist you to improve your agility, coordination, flexibility, grace & strength. When taught well, as we do at Adult Ballet Studio Geelong, dance can offer a very gentle exercise form and can be easily adaptable for a more intense workout if that’s more your thing. It’s the perfect exercise to work at your own pace and ability.

Do I need to wear/buy anything specific? We also love tracksuit pants, leggings, pyjamas or anything else that you feel comfortable to move in. We will probably all dance in bare feet.

Do I need to have done dance before? Absolutely not! Dance class was once only for small children and professionals but beginner adults across the world have claimed their right to join in this amazing exercise and artistic form. We are pleased to bring you our range of adult classes in Geelong.


WE look forward to welcoming you at Adult ballet studio geelong