code of ethics


  •  At Adult Ballet Studio Geelong, we strongly value an individual’s right to ownership, autonomy and authority over their own body. Our instructions are only ever offered as an invitation and we always welcome people to participate at their own pace and to adjust the complexity of choreographic material to suit their own personal requirements.  We do not use forceful language or aggressive tones to motivate our students.  We remain respectful and positive when delivering class content and corrections/suggestions.

  • We encourage our teachers to offer suggestions to simplify choreographic material and to adjust material to suit individual requirements.  For example, we may suggest to someone with knee troubles not to participate in a full plie but rather to execute a demi-plie instead.  Our teachers will regularly remind students that while we are very happy offer suggestions for adjustments to material, we are not qualified to offer medical advice and if anyone has any concerns towards the impact of any given exercise in relation to their physical ailments, conditions or concerns they should seek appropriate medical advice before execution.

  •  We respect a student’s right to ‘sit out’ an exercise or to work with reduced intensity.

  •  We expect our teachers to have secure subject knowledge and to plan and teach well-structured lessons.

  •  On occasion we like to take photos and videos of class participation and to share across social media platforms. This is a great way to share participant’s progress & achievements and to help build our community of dancers by sharing what it is we do with the wider community.  We ask our teachers to be very clear when they intend to film or photograph.  We ask our teachers to seek verbal consent from those appearing in any images prior to any filming / photography and to offer participants a very clear opportunity to opt out of appearing in any photo’s or videos.

  • We ask our teachers to respect students’ personal space.  Before any physical contact, we ask teachers to first seek consent and to let the student why and how contact is needed.

  • Dance can be a powerful tool for healing, likewise it can also trigger vulnerability and sensitivity. We ask all participants to be mindful of this and during class and to please offer positive, friendly and supportive dialogue with one and other in relation to the dance material and an individual execution of that material.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation of any kind towards our teachers, students or any other person affiliated with our business.